Treating the Youth Athlete III

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Treating the Youth Athlete – Course 3

Total Length: 2 Hours

This course is designed to provide the clinician with an introduction to the treatment of youth athletes. The course reviews: safe and practical youth training regimen, risks and concerns with youth athletic training, athletic rehabilitation, developing a rehab strategy, the functional examination, rehabilitating and training, components of athletic training, energy metabolism, methods to resynthesize ATP, exercise principles, effectiveness of youth resistive training, physiological mechanisms for strength development, motor performance skills and sports performance, youth resistance training guidelines, training intensity and volume, the psychology of the youth athlete, stress, the athletes benefit from Chiropractic care. The objective of this course is to educate the clinician on these topics. The course is provided in a video slideshow format, and contains interactive quizzes.

Subjects covered:

  • Safe and practical youth training regimen
  • Risks and concerns with youth athletic training
  • Athletic rehabilitation
  • Developing a rehab strategy
  • The functional examination
  • Rehabilitating and training
  • Components of athletic training
  • Energy metabolism
  • Methods to resynthesize ATP
  • Exercise principles
  • Effectiveness of youth resistive training
  • Physiological mechanisms for strength development
  • Motor performance skills and sports performance
  • Youth resistance training guidelines
  • Training intensity and volume
  • Psychology of the youth athlete
  • Stress
  • The athletes benefit from Chiropractic care

A PDF version of each seminar is available for those who experience a hearing impairment or wish to read along with the course video. The text version can be found under each individual video.
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Treating the Youth Athlete III – Lesson B

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